Branding has been our passion and expertise since the inception of our Branding and Marketing Agency in 1997. We firmly believe that "Branding is everything, and everything is possible." Effective branding extends far beyond logos and visual elements; it encompasses a brand's identity and perception. From crafting compelling messaging to defining core values, enhancing the customer experience, and creating unique differentiation strategies, we offer a holistic approach to branding that yields remarkable results.

A strong brand can wield significant influence, shaping how a company or individual is perceived in the market. It can foster increased customer loyalty, trust, and overall market success. Since 1997 we have been committed to helping clients realize the full potential of their brands, guiding them toward achieving ambitious goals and dreams. We offer a comprehensive suite of services crucial for branding or rebranding, including Brand Strategy, Brand Story, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Website Development, Content Creation, SEO, PPC and more.



Honeybee Robotics entrusted Wollner with the monumental task of shaping two new facilities, once in 2019 and one time in 2022. Handpicked as the exclusive partner by Honeybee Robotics, thanks to a glowing recommendation from Millennium Space Systems (now part of Boeing), Wollner also stood as the sole branding company, redesigning their logo and visual identity.



Kris Zacny

Wollner bears my highest recommendations. They designed our new building in Altadena, designed our logo and developed new branding - these were critical as we have been growing and acquiring new companies.

- Kris Zacny, VP Exploration Technologies, Honeybee Robotics

R. William Wilson

We have relied on Wollner for branding and new product development. A creative team that produces unparalleled work.

- R. William Wilson, President and Chief Executive Office, California Business Bank

Rick Allen

These guys have been phenomenal! From the development of our website to SEO, PPC, Social Media and complete branding services. Give them a shout. I know you’ll be glad you did.

- Rick Allen, Owner, Pure Elements Water

Phil Roth

Michael and his team have the very special ability to work from the inside out to articulate the essence of who you really are as a company.

- Phil Roth, President, Habitat Hospitality Design

Stefanie Berumen

Since bringing the Wollner team onboard, we have not only begun to realize ROI with additional revenue, but also a better understanding of the entire SEO & PPC Process. We highly recommend them.

- Stefanie Berumen, CPSM Director of Marketing, Shared Service Group / RMA Companies

Jim Levesque

As a Marketing Manager for several of Yamaha’s musical instrument product lines, I have had the opportunity to work with Wollner on a variety of “before” and “after-the sale” projects. Michael and his team have always delivered above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Michael to get the expertise, professionalism and value that is so essential in today’s challenging business environment.

- Jim Levesque, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America

Wendy Bucknum

Wollner embraced the difficult challenge of re-branding a 40-year-old "active adult" community with over 18,000 residents, and produced a product that is fresh, current, attractive, and appropriate for the client. The Wollner team was professional and responsive to the client's desires in providing a comprehensive re-branding strategic plan. The final product was nothing short of perfection, and the presentation was outstanding.

- Wendy Bucknum, CMCA, AMS, CACM, Government & Public Affairs Manager Professional Community Management, Inc.

Kerrie Murphy

In reviewing portfolios online, I ran across Wollner Studios and was intrigued by the work which was edgy but still professional. Upon our initial consultation I was impressed at the time spent with us to know us as individuals as well as learn more about our vision for the future of our company. We at The Buncher Law Corporation cannot thank Wollner enough for their incredibly creative and professional approach to the branding of our business.

- Kerrie Murphy, The Buncher Law Firm

Ilya Grigorov

Back in 2021 as we realized the need to sharpen Adagio Medical brand and to upmarket our customer-facing communications, we chose Wollner Studios to be our agency of record. Since then, we have completely revamped our website, released waves of marketing materials, progressed into the active use of complex graphics and video – with Michael’s team supporting and guiding the transformation. Across the board we stand out as legitimate yet highly unique brand in the space dominated by the corporate sameness – what else can one ask for from the branding partner?

- Ilya Grigorov, Vice President, Global Marketing and Product Management


WollnerStudios is an experienced branding and digital marketing agency. Every brand has its own story. Let us help you share it. Call us at 657-232-0110, or click the FREE CONSULTATION button below.




At the heart of our process lies the commitment to understanding our clients on a profound level. Listening isn't just a step; it's a timeless quality that distinguishes excellence from competence. Before pen hits paper or a line is drawn, we delve into our clients' world, comprehending their goals, services, customers, products, culture, and competitive landscape. This meticulous research lays the foundation for a tailored strategy that resonates with the very essence of who our clients are and what they aim to achieve.


Armed with the insights gleaned from our in-depth research, we embark on crafting a distinctive brand strategy. This involves shaping unique messaging that speaks directly to the intended audience, establishing the optimal positioning for our clients' goals, and formulating a tagline that encapsulates their brand essence. The brand strategy becomes a roadmap guiding every aspect of our subsequent creative endeavors, ensuring that our work aligns seamlessly with our clients' vision and objectives.

Visual Identity

Building upon the brand strategy, we translate ideas into a comprehensive identity encompasses a harmonious blend of colors, logos, fonts, tone-of-voice, stationary, interior and exterior design, uniforms, vehicle wraps, and more. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a cohesive visual language that authentically represents our clients in every facet of their presence. From the digital realm to physical spaces, our visual identity is a powerful manifestation of the strategic groundwork we've laid, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand representation.


At Wollner, we boost our clients' brands by making strong connections, using creative design, and using smart marketing strategies. In today's fast-changing world, it's important for brands to be quick, smart, and keep up with trends. That's what Wollner does best.


Click on an active logo below to see some of the work we have done for each client.

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