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In competition with several other agencies, Wollner had the distinct honor of rebranding Laguna Woods Village, a cherished community with a rich 40-year history and over 18,000 residents. Our journey began with extensive research and insightful interviews with both management and residents, laying the foundation for a strategic rebranding initiative that would resonate with the heart of Laguna Woods Village.

The creative process unfolded with meticulous attention to detail, and our team crafted a cohesive strategy that encapsulated the essence of the community. The final visual identity, marked by a newly designed logo featuring a leaf icon, pays homage to the beloved trees synonymous with the area. This emblematic design not only reflects the natural beauty of the surroundings but also symbolizes growth, harmony, and a renewed sense of community.


Our commitment extended beyond the conceptual stage, as we meticulously implemented the new visual identity across the community. This encompassed signage for various buildings, eye-catching bus wraps and designs, uniforms that echoed the renewed spirit, and revamped stationary. A comprehensive brand manual served as a guiding document, ensuring consistency in every application of the reimagined Laguna Woods Village identity.

Wollner takes immense pride in not merely redesigning a brand but in capturing the essence of a community and translating it into a visual language that resonates with its past, present, and future. The rebranding of Laguna Woods Village stands as a testament to our ability to blend tradition with innovation, creating a timeless identity that harmoniously aligns with the spirit of this beloved community.


"Wollner Studios embraced the difficult challenge of re-branding a 40-year-old "active adult" community with over 18,000 residents, and produced a product that is fresh, current, attractive and appropriate for the client. The new Laguna Woods Village logo, an elegant stylized green leaf, reflects the vitality and strength of the community. The Wollner team was professional and responsive to the client's desires in providing a comprehensive re-branding strategic plan. The final product was nothing short of perfection, and the presentation was outstanding. Thank you, Wollner Studios!"

Wendy Bucknum


Government & Public Affairs Manager

Professional Community Management, Inc. - Agent for Laguna Woods Village

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