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Search Generative Experience is coming. Are you Ready for SEO in 2024?

Key B2B SEO Trends in 2024:

  • Emphasis on Real Human Authorship.
  • Google Search and the Impact of AI on Content Creation.
  • Prioritizing User Experience for Long-Term Success.
  • Enhanced Focus on Vertical Channels.
  • Increasingly Personalized and Useful Search Experiences.

As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape of search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is set to undergo significant transformations, driven by the evolution of generative AI and other influential factors. The emphasis on clear signals of real human authorship, experience, and authority will become imperative for content to rank effectively across diverse verticals. The introduction of Search Generative Experience (SGE)* will likely impact how sites offering products or services directly manage their traffic, with a notable shift from mid-funnel pages (PLPs)** to bottom-funnel ones (PDPs)***.

Artificial Intelligence's role will continue to be a major force in 2024, building upon the trends seen in 2023. The evolution of content generation using AI raises intriguing questions about how Google Search will respond. The distinction between search engine optimization and search engine creation will gain prominence, urging SEO practitioners to prioritize user experience and overall strategy over strict adherence to search engine algorithms. The challenge lies in creating content and website experiences for users while optimizing them for search engines, recognizing the importance of balancing technical expertise with a user-centric approach.

Search engines are expected to progress toward a more personalized and useful search experience through the adoption of Search Generative Experience (SGE). The challenge for search engines will be to strike a balance between user experience (UX) and monetization, giving proper credit to content that contributes to search results. As SGE results gain a larger share of search outcomes, new specialties in paid search and SEO will emerge.

In 2024, B2B marketers will grapple with new AI challenges and opportunities in the realm of SEO and search marketing. While the future unfolds in unpredictable ways, these predictions serve as valuable signposts to shape effective SEO strategies for 2024 and beyond.

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* Google initiated the Search Generative Experience (SGE) to improve users' search experience and develop the future of search. For this, Google uses generative AI to provide quick and concise overviews of search topics to enhance the search results.
** The middle of the funnel is where you establish extended engagement and trust-based relationships with your already captured audience.
*** The bottom-funnel is where your business makes the sale.
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